360 Degrees Facility Services provide a wide range of cleaning services to many industry groups – this includes major events, commercial office space, major infrastructure projects, medical centres, retail shopping centres, public & private schools, construction builders cleans and property & facility  management organisations.

Major Events Cleaning

360 Degrees Facility Services can provide cleaning services for major events, which include concerts, AFL football, basketball etc.These types of contracts often require large numbers of resources for a short period of time, which 360 can provide.

Medical Centre Cleaning

At 360 Degrees we have access to the latest technology - Nanocyn® Disinfectant & sanitiser, which is the world’s first and only Shelf-Stable Neutral Electrolysed Oxidising Water. Eliminating 99.999% of pathogens

Shopping Centre Cleaning

Retail shopping centres is a specialised area, which requires an understanding of business risks. "Lighthouse.IO" is a mobile workforce platform, which uses location loT sensors & automation to increase workforce visibility and provide accurate factual data to clients.

Commercial Office Cleaning

360 Degrees Facility services can provide end to end services for multi level commercial office spaces. Scope development, general ongoing contract cleaning, periodical management are just some of the important aspects to managing these large scale and expensive assets

Infrastructure Project Cleaning

Construction project sites can be complex cleaning contracts to manage for those who have no previous experience. 360 Degrees have staff who have managed the cleaning of major infrastructure projects throughout Adelaide including the New Royal Adelaide Hospital and the South Rd Duplication Project

Public & Private School Cleaning

360 degrees Facility Services can provide full cleaning services for public and private schools. It is critical that a good cleaning program is put in place and includes periodical cleans through the term breaks. These should include deep clean of toilets, scrubbing of hard floors, windows and annual clean of carpets as part of the program.

See the Testimonials.

We have used 360 Degrees for close to 2 years and will continue to do so; the Company’s work ethic, attention to detail, ‘Can Do’ attitude and excellent service are only some of 360’s attributes, with 24-hour availability also a plus. I sincerely recommend 360 for commercial grade cleaning and friendly, can-do staff.

NM, Retail Operations Manager’

360 Degrees Facility Services  has serviced four properties we manage for over 2 years. Over this time there has been constant positive feedback and praise regarding the high level of cleaning from both tenants and landlords. The attention to detail and open lines of communication with the senior management and onsite staff have ensured the cleaning scope is being delivered. I  find that 360 Degrees Facility Service can provide a whole range of cleaning services from within its own group thus providing some price and outcome advantages

- Gary Growles

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